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90 percent of Racer X advertisers are repeat customers on a 9-12x rate year after year

Here’s why:

Consumer Influence

We reach the top of the food chain, the major influencers who race and need equipment more than the teenage hope-to-bes or the average casual or trail riders. Our readers are the ones other riders go to for advice.

Expert Opinions

Our editors gather key industry experts to provide our readers with their take on the latest bikes and products via our Racer X Tested and Garage Instock features.

Dealer Penetration

Racer X is the favorite of parts-counter employees, who can influence sales directly at the dealership. They open the fresh box of magazines and read them first to see what’s hot before Racer X even hits the sales rack.

Distributor Sales Rep

The percentage of outside reps who cite Racer X as their favorite magazine is unsurpassed. Get your message to them in our pages—they’ll know you’re helping them sell for you.

In times like these, you need to make your ad dollars go the farthest and be the most cost-effective. After careful analysis, you’ll see why Racer X Illustrated leads the category in advertising AND editorial pages.

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