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Our new Digital Edition marks a turning point in motocross media, making the full content and quality of the print edition of Racer X Illustrated accessible and user-friendly on any electronic device. Even better, available visual enhancements such as dynamic motion and video features can make your advertisement leap off the screen and engage potential customers like never before.

We’ll always love our print magazine. It’s what got us here. But for an entire generation, digital is home. They’re young, enthusiastic, and curious—and this is how you reach them.

Enhanced Digital Ad


High-quality video engages readers on a deeper level, and consumers are better able to recall content they’ve watched in video form versus what they’ve read. The Racer X Digital Edition’s enhanced video ads allow your brand to come to life!

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Advertisement with video included

Enhanced Digital Ad


Your original print ad, brought to life: our expert graphic artists add motion to the existing elements of your ad to make sure your content stands out in the crowd.

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Ad with enhanced animation.

Enhanced Digital Ad
Multiple Scrolling Images


The perfect way to showcase a line of items, a new product with multiple features, or to really get creative with your message. Interactive and economical with plenty of creative flexibility.

Ad with multiple scrolling images.

Converted Digital Ad


Make the most of your existing budget and design by letting us convert your ad from the print edition to maximize the Digital Edition’s vertical format. The images and content are static, but they look right at home on any screen.

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Converted print ad for better digital experience.

Traditional Print Ad


Your print ad, transferred to the Digital Edition with no enhancements or modifications. For those months when there just isn’t any extra room in the budget.

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Standard Print Ad in digital format.

Racer X Digital Edition Sponsorship


Have an exciting product to launch? Just want to make a splash? Team up with Racer X for maximum exposure to an elite demographic in our sport. Our subscribers have disposable income and a true passion for the sport and for our magazine. They want to see your product!

As a Digital Edition Sponsor, we’ll make a custom landing page announcing your brand as that month’s sponsor. You’ll also get:

  • A full page ad that rotates with the cover image of the magazine on your custom landing page.

  • Your choice of enhancement on your ad: video, audio, animation, scrolling images, or a digital conversion.

  • Access to the custom link for distribution through your channels.

  • A 1- or 2-sided poster in the print edition of Racer X Illustrated.

  • Logo placement on your custom landing page.

  • A text blurb describing or promoting anything of your choice.

  • The option for a video asset to be embedded on your custom landing page below your logo.

  • In addition, we’ll distribute your custom landing page through our social channels, email blasts, and on Racer X Online when we announce the new Digital Edition.

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Digital Sponsorship.

Technical Specifications

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