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Podcast Sponsorship 

Racer X offers the widest-ranging collection of podcasts in motocross, from insiders Steve Matthes (The Racer X Podcast) and Jason Weigandt (Exhaust) to ex-pros like Daniel Blair (Main Event Moto). Racer X provides up-to-the-minute coverage of our sport, as well as longform-style chats with pros past and present. Send us your best copy for your sponsored read to get engaged with this hardcore audience. 

Podcasts are highly engaging mediums for delivering messages. Given the audio nature of podcasts, listeners tend to hang on to every word, making them an excellent audience for advertisers who are trying to get their brands known. Listeners often have deep respect for the hosts. And since they put their trust in the hosts of their favorite moto podcasts, they’re much more receptive to the brands that these hosts endorse. 


  • Average Listens per episode: 153,000+ (for all shows and platforms combined)
  • Total Downloads: 1.6 Million (for all shows combines)


Racer X Podcast 

Steve Matthes, Jason Weigandt, and Jason Thomas bring you a comprehensive review of each round of supercross and motocross. Matthes also delivers the inside scoop with extended interviews featuring riders past and present.

  • Total Shows: 32 
  • Frequency:  Weekly, Post Race 
  • Total listens in 2019: 506,737
  • 2020 Q1 Shows: 11 
  • 2020 Q1 Total Listens: 271,500
  • 2020 Q1 Average Listens Per show: 24,681

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Racer X editorial director Jason Weigandt’s Exhaust podcast offers broad coverage of supercross, motocross, and the surrounding culture. He goes deep with industry insiders and racers and gets the stories you won’t find anywhere else. And that theme song!

  • 2020 Q2 Total Shows: 25
  • Frequency: 1-2X per week 
  • 2020 Q2 Total downloads: 235,697
  • 2020 Q2 Average listeners per show: 10,488

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Main Event Moto 

Former pro and current NBC Sports supercross reporter Daniel Blair and Producer Joe review each round of supercross and motocross with their unique outlook and sense of humor.

  • 2020 Q2 Total Shows: 9
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • 2020 Q2 Total downloads: 100,226
  • 2020 Q2 Average listeners per show: 12,748

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Show               Monthly Pricing Yearly Pricing
Racer X Podcast                      $1,000    $10,000
Exhaust                     $1,000    $10,000
Main Event Moto                     $1,000    $10,000

Dimensions, Specs, and Tips

Send us your copy for a sponsored read that is no more than 100 words or approximately 30 seconds in length. These work best if you provide a special offer code or a custom landing page for listeners that can drive them straight to your website. 

  • Example 1: "This podcast is sponsored by Racer X Brand ... after this podcast, be sure to head to to recieve 10% off your next purchase" 
  • Example 2: "This podcast is sponsored by Racer X Brand ... after this podcast be sure to head to racerxbrand.come and use code EXHAUST for 10% of your purchase. 

This gives you an easy way to keep track of how your sponsorship performs as you can analyze the analytics for the landing page you provide, or keep track of sales that use the offer code. Also, be sure to actively update your read (as frequently as every episode) to keep fresh content in the listeners ears. These are just suggestions, you have complete creative freedom. 

Check out some more examples of current reads below: 

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