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Benefits of a Racer X Films Sponsorship

Featured on Racer X Online and Youtube, A Racer X Films sponsor could receive up to 2.6 million views in the lifetime of their one-year sponsorship. With an in-video logo, logos on your respective Racer X Online films page, and organic product placements and host reads, a Films sponsorship can provide an exclusive branding opportunity for advertisers.

We've changed things up a bit by moving away from our old "all-encompassing" style from previous years, to breaking our videos down into specific categories. This allows sponsors to own a certain category of their choosing and receive 100% SOV of all banner ads on their respective sponsorship. By splitting up our videos into categories, this gives sponsors excellent brand awareness and maximum exposure with up to seven different ad placements (mobile and desktop) within their category. 

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Your Ad Placements

Desktop 100% SOV Ad Placements Desktop 100% SOV Ad Placements 
Mobile 100% SOV Ad Placements 
Mobile 100% SOV Ad Placements 
In-Video Logo Placement
In-Video Logo Placement



Video Frequency


Project Bike Builds  Min. Once a Month  $1,500
Motocross Preview Shows  3 Pre MX Season $2,000
Supercorss Preview Shows  5 Pre SX Season $3,000
125 All-Star Highlights  1 Per MX Race  $2,100
Helmet Cams  Min. 2 Per MX Race  $1,200
Press Day Videos  1 Pre Race  $1,000
Press Conference Videos 2 Post Race  $1,000
New Model Bike intros and Dialed-In Tests  Min. Once a Month  $600
Factory Tech Tip  Min. twice a Month $600
MX Remastered  1 Post-Race  $600
The Weege Show Walk-and-Talk Preview Show 1 Pre-Race $2,400
The Weege Show Walk-and-Talk Post-Race Show 1 Post-Race $2,400
The Weege Show Walk-and-Talk Loretta Lynn's Edition  3 During LL  $2,000
The Best Post-Race Show Ever  1 Post-Race  $650
Race eXaminations  1 Post-Race $2,000

What You Get

Banner Impressions

100% SOV desktop and mobile banners on your respective Racer X Films Category sponsorship. (See above images)

Supporting Site Skins

You will recieve the supporting left and right side site skins for your category sponsorship.

YouTube Promotion

Company description on Racer X Online and YouTube with a link to your website below each video on YouTube.

Get Tagged

Every Racer X Films video is posted on social media and tags the category's sponsor for maximum exposure.

In-Video Logo Placement

Your company logo is featured in the pre-card of every video in your sponsored category on Racer X Online and at the end of each Racer X Films social post. Click here to see an examples of the pre-card and end-card. 

2019 Overall Stats


  • Watch time: 43,671,616
  • Views: 13,709,571
  • Subscribers: 202,116

Racer X Online

  • Pageviews: 1,3167,145
  • Unique Pageviews: 842,717
  • Time on Page: 10 min 41 sec

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All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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