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Why advertise on Racer X Online?

Display Ads are the backbone of online advertising. They are the original online ad unit and a great way to increase brand/product awareness. 

On all of our sub-pages, the 300 x 600 smoothly slides down the page as the user scrolls, staying on the screen the entire time. The result is a drastically lengthened impression (sometimes surpassing 30 minutes), which means remarkably effective branding and click-through rates. Our other ad placements have been carefully designed to increase click-through rates and time on page. Our above-the-fold 728 x 90 leaderboard banner, which runs throughout the site, provides advertisers with prime real estate on all moto content.

Choose from one of the options below or work with your sales rep to design a custom plan to fit your budget and goals.


Starting at a $4 CPM, we offer flexible impressions goals and date ranges. With an average of 200,000 daily pageviews, virtually any goal is achieveable. 

Targeting Options

Banners, including mobile banners, can be targeted by geography, browser, browser language, operating system, bandwidth, user domain, day, time, and more.

Run-of-Site Banner Options
Run-of-Site Banner Options

Sizes and Specifications

Leaderboard Banner

728 x 90 pixels
1 MB max

Half Page Banner

300 x 600 pixels
1 MB max

Large Mobile Banner

300 x 250 pixels
1 MB max

3:1 Rectangle

300 x 100 pixels
1 MB max

Mobile Banner

320 x 50 pixels
1 MB max



Be sure to include a 1x density and 2x density sizes for optimal image resolution on retina display screens. This includes sending your regular 1x density sizes stated above, and then a set that is 2x density that is double sized (600x500, 600x1200, etc.) This will greatly increase the display quality of the ads on our website. 

Acceptible File Formats 

.jpg, .gif, HTML5, and a variety of rich media vendors and formats


The key to a successful banner ad campaign is keeping your creative fresh.  We encourage our advertisers to run multiple ads at the same time and to limit each ad to a singular benefit. Always keep in mind banners are glanced at first and only read if an image or benefit is of interest to the consumer, your ad has to stand out. 

Looping and Animation

Banner ads on Racer X Online are programmed and placed to be seen, so it’s not necessary to get overly flashy with your banner ads, particularly on half page units. If you do use video or a lot of movement, we highly suggest limiting it to one or two loops max, then stopping on a static call-to-action. Keep in mind that our half page units sometimes stay on a user’s screen for up to 15 minutes.

Above images to be viewed as an example only. Please consult your ad rep about which placements you will be receiving.

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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