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Launch Day

Our new Launch Day program is the best way to get your new product in front of the industry’s biggest fans. Hit the readers in a no-distraction zone as soon as they log onto Racer X Online and use the ROS impressions included to keep your product fresh in their minds.

For $3,000, you’ll get 4 days of exclusive interstitial coverage (100% SOV) plus 200,000 ROS impressions. The average click-through rate for interstitial campaigns is 4.8% (9,700 clicks).

Feel like you need an even greater impact? Combine your Launch Day campaign with a site skin, roadblocking or an additional ROS campaign. IP capping at 1 per every 2 days provides significant amount of impressions but keeps your banner fresh for readers.


If you want the high-impact that Launch Day provides but with a slightly smaller budget, our interstitial-only campaign may be perfect for you. For $2,000 you’ll get the same, great desktop and mobile placement with an average click-through rate of 4.8% and IP capping.

Sizes and Specifications

Desktop Interstitial:

640 X 480 pixels
500k max

Mobile Interstitial:

300 X 250 pixels
40k max

Acceptable File Formats

.jpg, .gif, HTML5, and a variety of rich media vendors and formats

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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