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If you want the high-impact that Site Skins provide but with a slightly smaller budget, our interstitial-only campaign may be perfect for you. Receiving an average of 15,500 daily impressions, for $500 per day you’ll get the same, great desktop and mobile placement with an average click-through rate of 4.8% and IP capping. Miniumum run-time of two days. 

Interstitials are also frequency capped at 1 show per 48 hours. This means that a user on our site will be shown the interstitial once every 48 hours. If they come back to our site within that 48 hour window, they will not be shown the interstitial. After that 48 hour mark, it gets shown again. We've found this generates the best user experience. 

Sizes and Specifications

Desktop Interstitial:

640 X 480 pixels
1 MB max

Mobile Interstitial:

300 X 250 pixels
1 MB max

Acceptable File Formats

.jpg, .gif, HTML5, and a variety of rich media vendors and formats

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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