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Get more out of your launch day campaign

Looking to make the most impact for your brand and hit multiple Racer X channels at once? Our Launch Day Package is the perfect solution for you, offering an email spotlight within our Racer X Newsletter, a Facebook or Instagram social media post, and a sponsored post on Racer X Online. What makes this package so enticing is that everything can be linked back to your sponsored post, which contains your content as well as 100% SOV banner ads. Each of these placements is designed to look and feel organic to our readers, creating a seamless integration.

The numbers

  • Social Media Following – Over 1.8 million followers combined and engagement rates as high as 10.58%
  • Email Spotlight – Over 76,000 contacts and growing with a 13% open rate
  • Racer X Online – Average of 181,000 Daily pageviews

How it works

Your content is posted in the Racer X Online Breaking News section and is pinned to the top for 24 hours for maximum visibility. Anything can be promoted here, from brand awareness to new-product releases. For optimal performance, the content should look and feel like content Racer X created. Leveraging our industry-leading editorial team is available at an additional fee (see pricing below). Be sure to include a set of banner ads, as the sponsored post includes 100% SOV banners within the post. Once the post is created on Racer X Online with content provided by you, we create a social post for Facebook or Instagram (you pick the channel), which will link back to your sponsored post on Racer X Online. You also have the option of a 3-slide social story, which will also link back to your post. On top of everything above, your content is included as a featured spotlight in our Racer X Newsletter, designed to look like organic content.


Since you are purchasing 3 separate products bundled into one package, this is sold at a discounted rate of $1,200. For an additional fee, you can leverage our editorial staff to create the most cohesive content that integrates perfectly with our website. Basic Editorial Content Writing is an additional $250; Premium Editorial Content Writing is an additional $1,000.

Product Price    
Launch Day Package $1,200    
Premium Editorial Writing (optional) Additional $1,000    
Basic Editorial Writing (optional) Additional $250    

Asset Checklist 

  • Sponsored post copy and images 
  • Sponsored post hero image 
  • Banner ads
  • Instagram images and caption (optional)
  • Email Spotlight image and prefered text (optional)

Size and Specifications

  • Sponsored Post Word Count: 500 words (flexible)
  • Sponsored Post Hero Image: 3:1 aspect ratio
  • Sponsored Post Images: Flexible
  • Email Spotlight Image: 1200x600, 40KB max
  • Banner Ad Specs: 
    • Mobile - 320x50, 40KB max
    • Large Mobile - 300x250, 40KB max
    • Leaderboard - 728x90, 40KB max
    • Halfpage - 300x600, 35KB max


Racer X reserves the right to edit or change any copy submitted as we see fit to ensure maximum engagement through, Racer X social media, and Racer X email newsletter. 

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