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Get more out of your launch day campaign

Looking to make the most impact for your brand and hit multiple Racer X channels at once? Our Launch Day Package is the perfect solution for you, offering an Mobile Pinned ad that is stickied to the top of mobile screens on, a Facebook or Instagram social media post, and ROS banner ads on Racer X Online. What makes this package so enticing is your message will be seen on our two most popular and most used platforms giving you the most engagement. Each of these placements is designed to look and feel organic to our readers, creating a seamless integration.

The numbers

  • Social Media Following - over 1.8 million followers combined
  • Engagement rates as high as 10.58%
  • Racer X ONline - Average of 181,000 Daily pageviews
  • MPU - Average CTR of 0.16% and 50,000 daily impressions

How it works

Your content is posted on Racer X Online’s Facebook or Instagram channel (your choice) and promoted throughout via the mobile pinned ad and run-of-site banner ads. For your social post, you also have the option of a 3-slide social story, which can be linked anywhere you like. This works best if you can provide a Racer X-specific landing page with an enticing offer for readers. This makes ROI tracking easy and efficient. Your ROS banner ads will receive 125,000 impressions on with a minimum run time of seven days, but that can be extended if preferred. Your mobile pinned ad will receive 100% share-of-voice of that placement for one day, preferably the same day your social post goes live.

Asset Checklist 

  • ROS Banner ads with click-through link
  • Social image(s) or video and caption
  • Mobile Pinned Ad Unit 

Size and Specifications

    • Mobile - 320x50, 40KB max
    • Large Mobile - 300x250, 40KB max
    • Leaderboard - 728x90, 40KB max
    • Halfpage - 300x600, 35KB max
  • Social Media


Racer X reserves the right to edit or change any copy submitted as we see fit to ensure maximum engagement through, Racer X social media, and Racer X email newsletter. 

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