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What's the real story behind the story? Racer X has been breaking news and telling tales for twenty years, but some of the best stories require extra-special care and research. That's where Racer X Longform comes in, with deeper, broader pieces that don’t fit the traditional magazine or online feature length. While a typical magazine story might average around 2,000 words, Racer X Longform pieces can run more than five times that length, giving us room for every quote from every insider.

Racer X Longform brings readers more compelling stories that will hold their attention for a much longer time—up to and over thirty minutes per article. Plus, we focus on timeless topics, which means Longform stories will generate views indefinitely—with many readers even returning for a second or third read.

We've coupled our innovative Longform stories with groundbreaking ads baked right into the text. The entire feature looks and feels unlike anything the motocross industry has seen before, but is built around the wit, wisdom, and people who have defined Racer X from the start.

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Racer X Longform articles offer a unique and engaging advertising space unparalleled in the industry. Visitors are presented with a full-screen, fully interactive ad experience on mobile devices and desktop computers. Advertisers can build a responsive, animated, interactive ad taking advantage of web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Click rates on these ads have been tracked at 13 times the internet average.*

Sponsorship of Racer X Longform articles runs for one year from the post date. Ads can be changed up to four times, and additional ad swaps can be done for $100 per change. Sponsorships are $3,000 for one article; no guarantees are made for competitor advertiser sponsorships of other Racer X Longform articles.

*Figure gathered by comparing DoubleClick average click rate.


Download our template to get started. The ad should be built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Images, and Video. It should be responsive from mobile device size of 320x540 to over 2000x900. No scrolling will be accepted. Javascript, CSS, Images and Video should be hosted remotely on the advertisers own servers or content delivery network on the HTTPS protocol, with the HTML file provided to Racer X for inclusion.

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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