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Sponsorship of our email newsletters are a powerful way to tap into new customer segments by aligning your brand with Racer X. It can help increase exposure in a receptive environment (our readers’ inbox) and can subtly promote your brand while gaining visibility through association.

  • List Size: 67,000 and growing
  • Average Open Rate: 17%
  • Average Click Rate: 3.4%


  •  78% Male, 22% Female 
  • 14% Aged 18-24, 26% Aged 25-34, 19% 35-44, 22% Aged 45-54, 19% Aged 55+


  • Sponsored Email Blasts - Send your 100% owned email to our readers. Sponsorship of e-newsletters can be a powerful way to tap into our audience, aligning your brand with ours. It can help increase exposure in a very receptive environment. Our sponsored e-newsletters also come with a re-targeted email to recipients who have not opened your email. You can specify when you would like this retarget to go out.


Contact your sales rep for pricing information.


Create a Racer X specific offer with a unique code or landing page. Our audience will see this as more of a partnership than you just leveraging them.

Sponsored Email Blast

Sizes and Specifications

Sponsored Email Blast 

  • Link tracking is automatic for URLs, except for image maps and mailto links in custom HTML emails. Image maps can be added to a Custom Code email, but the links can't be tracked.
  • <Greeting/> is the only contact detail tag that can be inserted into a custom HTML email.
  • External style sheets aren't supported. Styles can be added to the code at the top of the template by adding inline styles.
  • HTML is more forgiving that XHTML.
  • HTML5 isn't supported.
  • Some style attributes can cause problems with the positioning of elements, including the following:
    • position:fixed;
    • position:absolute;
    • float:left;
    • z-index: 2;
  • Non-standard HTML tags generated by proprietary software, like Microsoft Publisher or Frontpage, won't display correctly in many browsers and email clients:
    • <v:shape>
    • <o:column>
    • <b: Xl>
    • ![endif]
  • JavaScript will most likely not display if you use it in your email because most email clients disable it for security reasons.
  • Images should be hosted on an external server.

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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