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Sponsored Newsletters

Sponsorship of our email newsletters are a powerful way to tap into new customer segments by aligning your brand with Racer X. It can help increase exposure in a receptive environment (our readers’ inbox) and can subtly promote your brand while gaining visibility through association.

  • List Size: 76,000 and growing
  • Average Open Rate: 17%
  • Average Click Rate: 3.4%


  •  78% Male, 22% Female 
  • 14% Aged 18-24, 26% Aged 25-34, 19% 35-44, 22% Aged 45-54, 19% Aged 55+


  • Sponsored Email Blasts - Send your 100% owned email to our readers. Sponsorship of e-newsletters can be a powerful way to tap into our audience, aligning your brand with ours. It can help increase exposure in a very receptive environment. Our sponsored e-newsletters also come with a re-targeted email to recipients who have not opened your email. You can specify when you would like this retarget to go out.
  • Email Sponsored Content - Get your race, event, or newly launched product featured directly inline with the Racer X Email Newsletter content. THis should be more story and content driven, making for engaging content for our list subscribers. It will appear completely organic within our current email newsletter framework!
  • Display Ad Unit - Banner ads are the billboards of the internet. Provide us with an eye-catching display ad, which will be displayed in the middle of our news updates.
  • The Goods - Our newest organic placement within the Racer X email newsletter. We set up a Racer X-specific offer/landing page for you—the perfect opportunity for your direct-response advertising needs. Just send us some details on your offering and our editorial team will write the copy and submit for your approval. It will run 5 times during a 30-day period for optimal frequency. Starting at only $500, this is by far our most valuable email advertising asset.


Rates for newsletter blast products start at $500, and you can choose the date and time of the posting. We reserve one post per week for advertisers. All we need from you is the HTML, subject line, and any preheader text you’d like to use. We can build the email for you for an added $250 fee. See below for sizing and specification details. 

Product  Price
Sponsored Email Blast  $750
Product/Event Spotlight $500
Display Ad Unit  $500
Sponsored Email Blast (only) Design Fee $250 (optional)
The Goods Inclusion  $500 (5 placements)


Create a Racer X specific offer with a unique code or landing page. Our audience will see this as more of a partnership than you just leveraging them.

Newsletter Spotlight

Sponsored Email Blast

The Goods

Sizes and Specifications

Sponsored Email Blast 

  • Link tracking is automatic for URLs, except for image maps and mailto links in custom HTML emails. Image maps can be added to a Custom Code email, but the links can't be tracked.
  • <Greeting/> is the only contact detail tag that can be inserted into a custom HTML email.
  • External style sheets aren't supported. Styles can be added to the code at the top of the template by adding inline styles.
  • HTML is more forgiving that XHTML.
  • HTML5 isn't supported.
  • Some style attributes can cause problems with the positioning of elements, including the following:
    • position:fixed;
    • position:absolute;
    • float:left;
    • z-index: 2;
  • Non-standard HTML tags generated by proprietary software, like Microsoft Publisher or Frontpage, won't display correctly in many browsers and email clients:
    • <v:shape>
    • <o:column>
    • <b: Xl>
    • ![endif]
  • JavaScript will most likely not display if you use it in your email because most email clients disable it for security reasons.
  • Images should be hosted on an external server.

Product/ Event Spotlight

  • You can provide a couple sentences about your product or race along with an image of your choice. Images need to be 2:1 aspect ratio (example: 1200pxX600px) a maximum file size of 40 KB. It will appear completely organic within our current email newsletter framework! Be sure to include any links or landing pages as well. 

Display Ad Unit 

  • Provide a 300x250 ad unit displaying your desired creative. Be sure to include a click-through link. UTM link tracking is recommended. 
  • Maximum file size of 40 KB 
  • Acceptable file formats: .jpg, .gif, HTML5, and a variety of rich media vendors and formats

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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