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These high impact ad units offer the ability to create sponsor-level presence, ideal for new product launches, promos or events. They are also a great way to introduce a non-endemic brand to our highly-engaged audience. With an average of  3,446 click-throughs per week, this placement is ideal for creating a huge impact for any brand. 

Site skins dynamically re-size to fit smaller and larger screens and stay in place as the site scrolls vertically. We recently added a mobile size that stays at the top of the users mobile device when scrolling throughout all pages which can be added to your regular desktop site skin campaign for an additional $700. 

Site skins start at $1,400 weekly (desktop only)

Screen Size: 1900 x 800
Screen Size: 1900 x 800
Screen Size: 1280 x 800
Screen Size: 1280 x 800
Mobile Pinned Ad Unit (upgrade)

Size and Specifications Requirements


  • 1x Density - 450 x 775 pixels (2 Files)
  • 2x Density - 900 x 1550 pixels (2 Files)
  • .jpg, .gif, HTML5, and a variety of rich media vendors and formats
  • 1 MB Max Each 

Mobile (added fee): 

  • 1x Density - 400 x 50 pixels 
  • 2x Density - 800 x 100 pixels
  • Keep all important details within the inner 320 pixels  
  • 1 MB Max Size 

Our site skins are different from most background ads and are clickable! The size for each unit is 450 x 775, but all important content must be contained within the inner 130 pixels (smaller screens will cut off the outside margins). See below for examples and design template.

Click to download our desktop site skin template

How to Use Our Desktop Template

This template makes building Racer X Online site skins as simple as possible. Instructions are also contained on the .psd template.

  1. Place your background images in the “Background Images” folder. You can place color, texture, or images here.
  2. Select one background color from the “Background Color” folder (options #1-5).
  3. Select the same color option you chose for the background in Step #2 from the “Background Fade” folder (options #1-5). This will make your image appear to fade into the background. Do not alter this mask. You will notice the correct look of this fade on the next page (SCREEN SIZE: 1900 X 800 image).
  4. Place your foreground text and other content in the “Foreground” folder. Content in this folder must not enter the area between the center guides (indicated with arrows above). Do not alter the folder mask. Do not extend any foreground images in this folder beyond the bottom or sides of this document. You may extend foreground images beyond the top. NOTE: Please make sure all important text is contained within the inner 130 pixels of each side (you will notice guides to help with this).
  5. Do not hide, remove, or alter the “Site / Shadows” folder.
  6. Hide the “Hide this before saving” folder.
  7. Please optimize the files as much as possible prior to saving. Use the “Save for Web and Devices” function under the file menu to save. We have already set up the files to ensure you create the correctly sized site-skin files. Please save and send each side separately.

For material or deadline questions, contact:

[email protected]
All creative must be submitted 5 full business days before the contracted start date.

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