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We recently revamped our sponsored posts on to ensure this premium placement gets our advertising partners the most bang for their buck. The Racer X editors will now take creative control of your post! You give us a few talking points, creative direction, and the overall message you’d like to convey to our readers, and we’ll take it from there. Our editorial team excels at storytelling and creating engaging content for our readers. They’ll ensure you reach our highly engaged audience and create a seamless integration between your content and our existing content.

Racer X Online is the industry’s premier source for motocross news, and we have the numbers to prove it! On average, you’ll have over 72,000 chances (sessions) to reach our 16,000-plus daily users. Considering those users are accruing 181,000 daily pageviews, it’s safe to say they love our content.

The goal is to establish trust with our website visitors and position your brand as a leader in your space through storytelling, infographics, or listicles. Sponsored content helps fuel visibility and traffic to your site. As an added bonus, we give you 100% SOV banner-ad placements within your designated post. That translates to maximum visibility.

Once you approve the content created by the Racer X editorial staff, it will be stickied to the top of our Latest News feed for up to 24 hours. Rates start at $1,500 per post.

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Sizes and Specifications

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Acceptable File Formats

.jpg, .gif, HTML5, and a variety of rich media vendors and formats