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We’re previewing the new year with the personality only Racer X can provide. The wit, wisdom, and ridiculous predictions of veteran race-watchers Jason Weigandt, David Pingree, Steve Matthes, and Jason Thomas are on full display on the eve of Monster Energy Supercross. Five videos cover the full spectrum of the sport, from in-depth talk and predictions for all the riders and teams to full rants on key topics in the sport and a stadium full of laughs and wild moments that feed into the electricity and excitement before Anaheim 1.

Everything that happened during the off-season is recapped here, and everything that will come in the new season gets its proper dissection too. Viewers are heading here to get ready for supercross and bench-race with us!


  1. Inclusion of your product in all 5 preview videos
  2. “Presented by” sponsor logo
  3. Product mention by one of our hosts during the video
  4. Mention as a sponsor in all Racer X Online editorial pieces
  5. Significant social media mentions pointing back to the videos
  6. 200,000 ROS banner impressions on Racer X Online (11/20/19 – 1/5/20)
  7. Share of voice banners on SX Preview Shows page on Racer X Online
  8. Exposure on our YouTube channel for an estimated 280,000 views as ADDED VALUE!

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