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  • Staffed by the most talented filmmakers in motocross 
  • Starring the very best riders and journalists in moto 
  • Features, riding videos, bike tests, tech talk, and more 

Passion for motocross may be difficult to explain sometimes, but not when it looks this good. When our readers can’t be riding, they want to watch the pros do their thing, and Racer X Films brings together the best riders, the best riding spots, and the best producers in the business. Plus, our exclusive Racer X Films: Remastered videos from every outdoor national are in a league of their own! Racer X Films is the art of going riding.

HI-Def • Behind-the-Scenes • Visionary

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Racer X Films are always good—if you're in one you know it's going to be sick. Justin Bogle
Making a Racer X Film let's me see behind the scenes at the test tracks, and all the hard work that goes into preparing for the races. Simon Cudby

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