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Benefits of Pre-roll

Have a new product to advertise but can’t get your message across in a static ad or gif? Our all-new video pre-roll ad unit is perfect for you. This is an absolute necessity in your advertising strategy; according to a 2017 study by IPG Media Lab and YuMe, pre-roll ads are particularly favorable across several key metrics, including engagement and purchase intent. A Nielsen study, commissioned by Facebook, revealed that viewers who saw even one second of the ad saw an increase in brand awareness and purchase intent.

Since its inception on Racer X in May of 2019, it has received more than 470,000 impressions with our highest recorded click-through rate across all other ad units at just over 6%. This has yielded over 30,000 clicks and counting!

How It Works

Pre-roll videos will be displayed before all Racer X video assets that are embedded on Anytime a reader watches a video on the website, they will be shown a 15-second pre-roll video before the actual video plays. To ensure maximum user satisfaction, a viewer will see a maximum of 5 pre-roll videos per 24 hours—the 6th video and beyond, will be shown ad-free. We’ve found this to be the best way to receive maximum engagement from our viewers while maintaining a positive consumer experience.

Targeting Options

This unit displays on desktop and mobile and can be targeted by geography, browser, browser language, operating system, bandwidth, user domain, day, time, and more.

Check an example out here.


We price this at $500 per month for 25% share of voice of the total 86,000+ available monthly impressions. This means we have four total spots available, and a sponsor will receive 25% of the impressions for the lifetime of their pre-roll sponsorship.

Size and Specifications

- Time limit: Maximum of 15 seconds

- Resolution: 1080p (16:9 Ratio)

- File Size: no larger than 25mb

- File Type: .mp4

Above images to be viewed as an example only. Please consult your ad rep about which placements you will be receiving.

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